Get online – getting started using the Internet 

Information about why is getting online is important and how you can do it including Get Online week events and where to find help and assistance.

Why is getting online important?

There are 12.6 million people in the UK who don’t have the basic digital skills they need to function in a digital world. Access to the Internet can create opportunities and make a big difference to people’s lives. A few of the many benefits include the following:

  • It's cheaper - the best deals on products and services are often found online, households are on average £440 better off per year.
  • Staying in touch - staying in touch has never been easier or cheaper. Email, video calling and social media makes chatting with loved ones cheap and easy.
  • It's quicker and easier - don’t wait in a queue! Shop, bank, book a holiday, apply for jobs, pay bills - all at your finger-tips and at your own pace.
  • Your interests - watch films, play games, find other enthusiasts or that old recipe… the list is endless. You don’t have to be interested in computers to make the most of the useful things the Internet has to offer.

How can I help people to get online?

Do you know someone who doesn’t use the Internet? 

You don’t have to be an expert to help someone get online; you can help in a number of ways:

  • Show them the Learn My Way free courses on using a computer, browsing the web, sending an email and finding work online
    Learn My Way (external website) 

Where can I access the Internet for free?

All library buildings and most long stay mobile library stops have computers which are free to use. Free Wi-Fi is available in all library buildings.

Find out more about library computers here

The council offers free public access Wi-Fi at many locations across the East Riding, find your nearest here:

Wi-Fi hotspots directory

Where can I access free support and training to get online?

Learn my way is a website which offers free online courses for beginners, helping you develop digital skills at your own pace on days and times that suit you.

If you would rather have personal help, all of our libraries are UK Online centres and offer support:

Find you nearest library

Try a ‘taster’ session with Adult Learning, and search courses via the  Find an adult learning course  page.

Where can I find information to help me keep safe online?

Get safe online provides practical advice on how to protect yourself, your computers and mobile device and your business against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems encountered online:

Get Safe Online (external website) 

Get safe online is a public/private sector partnership supported by HM Government and leading organisations in banking, retail, Internet security, and other sectors.

Where can I access support to grow my business online?

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills offers online help to micro businesses and sole traders to find customers, spread word of mouth, be more efficient, and sell their goods and services online.

Do More Online Campaign (external website)

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