Youth counselling

Information on where to go for confidential support, your choices, how often to visit, bringing family members or friends, missing an appointment, what information is kept, what medical records are kept and costs associated with using youth counselling services. 

Whatis counselling?

Counselling provides a regular time and space for you to talk with a professionally qualified counsellor about a particular issue which is on your mind.

Who is counselling for?

Counselling is available to young people being educated in secondary school up to year 11. If you are in Year 12 or 13 you need to live in the East Riding of Yorkshire boundary to access this service. We also support people up to the age of 25 if they have a current Educational and Health Care Plan for additional needs.

How much does counselling cost?

Youth counselling is a free service.

How can counselling help me?

Counsellors are experienced in working with young people's issues and have the skills and training to support you. We are not here to judge you, tell you what to do, or give you unwelcome advice. 

What kind of issues do people take to counselling?

Young people come to counselling for any number of reasons. Some examples include: bereavement,  relationships, low self esteem, sexuality, anxiety and self harm. Whatever the issue, you will be made to feel welcome. 

Can you keep what I say to yourself?

What you discuss with your counsellor is confidential and won't be mentioned outside of the counselling team. If you counsellor has serious concerns about you or someone else, they may need to discuss this with another professional. They will always inform you if they need to do this or take any further action. 

How long will I be seeing the counsellor?

We will initially offer you six counselling sessions. We can arrange for you to have some more sessions if both you and your counsellor feel this would be useful. 

How long do the sessions last?

Usually sessions are up to one and a half hours.

Where do I go for counselling?

We will arrange to meet you somewhere nearby if possible. This could be a school, children's centre or community building. 

How do I arrange to see a counsellor?

You can contact the counselling service by phone (01482) 392824 or by email yfs@eastriding.gov.uk.

You can also be referred by a youth and family support practitioner, school staff or a parent and/or carer. 

What happens after I have contacted the counselling service?

A counsellor will contact you to arrange to meet to discuss the support which is available. If you decide to go ahead with counselling following this meeting then you will be placed on our waiting list. You will receive your counselling appointments as soon as possible.

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