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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Roads scheduled for surface dressing in 2021

List of roads scheduled for resurfacing in East Yorkshire in 2021


Site Name

Road Number

Bridlington Airdale Drive Unclassified
Bridlington Badminton Close Unclassified
Bridlington Bealuieu Court Unclassified
Bridlington Bilsdale Crescent Unclassified
Bridlington Boynton Avenue Unclassified
Bridlington Brandesdale Road Unclassified
Bridlington Brett Street Unclassified
Bridlington Brookland Road Unclassified
Bridlington Calderdale Close Unclassified
Bridlington Cardigan Road Unclassified
Bridlington Carnaby Avenue Unclassified
Bridlington Castle Howard Close Unclassified
Bridlington Coverdale Garth Unclassified
Bridlington Cross Street B1254
Bridlington Deepdale Close Unclassified
Bridlington Farndale Road Unclassified
Bridlington Givendale Close Unclassified
Bridlington Gordon Road Unclassified
Bridlington Greenways Close Unclassified
Bridlington Greenways Walk Unclassified
Bridlington Headlands Close Unclassified
Bridlington Headlands Drive Unclassified
Bridlington Langdale Mews Unclassified
Bridlington Littondale Court Unclassified
Bridlington Longleat Avenue Unclassified
Bridlington Lowood Drive Unclassified
Bridlington Martongate B1255
Bridlington Matson Road Unclassified
Bridlington Promenade B1254
Bridlington Queen Street B1254
Bridlington South Back Lane Unclassified
Bridlington Stowe Garth Unclassified
Bridlington Thixendale Road Unclassified
Bridlington Tintern Avenue Unclassified
Bridlington Well Lane Unclassified
Bridlington Wharfdale Drive Unclassified
Bridlington Woburn Close Unclassified
Burton Fleming Nine Dikes Road C3
Burton Fleming Wold Newton Road C7
Flamborough Carter Lane B1229
Flamborough Church Street B1255
Flamborough Tower Street B1255
Garton on the Wolds Garton Hill B1252
Kilham Driffield Road C3
Langtoft Scarborough Road B1249
Nafferton Beacon Lane C3
Nunburnholme Church Lane C48
Rudston Burton Road C3
Ruston Parva New Road C3
Ruston Parva Pockthorpe Lane C3
Skerne Ricklepits C23
Skerne West End C23
Sledmere Garton Road B1252
Sledmere Limekiln Hill B1252
Sledmere Main Street B1253 & B1252
Wold Newton Burton Fleming Road C7
Wold Newton Butt Lane C7
Wold Newton Foxholes Road C7
Allerthorpe Melbourne Road C17
Airmyn Airmyn Road C23
Airmyn Bridge Road C23
Airmyn Church View Unclassified
Airmyn Courts Close Unclassified
Airmyn Hall Close Unclassified
Airmyn High Street C23
Airmyn Hook Lane C207
Airmyn Park Close Unclassified
Airmyn Park Road Unclassified
Airmyn Parsons Close Unclassified
Airmyn Parsons Walk Unclassified
Airmyn Percy Drive Unclassified
Airmyn St Davids View Unclassified
Airmyn The Crossings Unclassified
Airmyn The Paddock Unclassified
Airmyn Woodland Way Unclassified
Bubwith Highfield Lane A163
Bubwith Main Street A163
Eastrington High Street C87
Eastrington Howden Road C87
Foggathorpe Main Road A163
Goole Alexandra Street Unclassified
Goole Colonels Walk Unclassified
Goole Estcourt Street Unclassified
Goole Estcourt Terrace Unclassified
Goole Government Street Unclassified
Goole Hall Road Unclassified
Goole Moorland Road Unclassified
Goole Nidd Street Unclassified
Goole Red Lion Street Unclassified
Goole Shipcote Road Unclassified
Goole Vermuyden Way Unclassified
Holme on Spalding Moor Old Road Unclassified
Holme on Spalding Moor Selby Road A163
Hook Church Lane C207
Hook Westfield Lane C207
Hotham Carr Lane Unclassified
Hotham Church Lane C13
Hotham Dean Lane Unclassified
Hotham Harry Beck Lane Unclassified
Hotham Main Street C13 & Unclassified
Hotham Padcroft Lane C13
Hotham Pitbalk Hill Unclassified
Hotham South Newbald Road C13
Melbourne Main Street C17
North Cave Newport Road B1230
Ousefleet Ousefleet Road C48
Pocklington Bridge Street C40
Pocklington Chapmangate B1246
Pocklington George Street B1246
Pocklington London Street B1246
Pocklington St Helens Gate B1246
Pocklington The Balk B1247
Pocklington Yapham Road C4
Pollington Bridge Lane C26
Pollington Main Street C26
Pollington Pinfold Lane Unclassified
Rawcliffe The Green C24 & Unclassified
Seaton Ross Road from Foss Dyke
to Major Bridge
Snaith South Parkway Unclassified
Snaith The Parkway Unclassified
Thornton Melbourne Road C17
Beverley Grovehill Road C79
Beverley Norfolk Street Unclassified
Cottingham Bishop Alcock Road Unclassified
Cottingham Dent Road Unclassified
Cottingham Fimber Avenue (Access Rd) Unclassified
Cottingham Lythe Avenue Unclassified
Cottingham Sedburgh Avenue Unclassified
Cottingham St Mary,s Avenue Unclassified
Etton Gardham Road C137
Leconfield Main Road A164
Molescroft Aintree Close Unclassified
Molescroft Ascot Close Unclassified
Molescroft Beverley Drive Unclassified
Molescroft Butterfly Meadows Unclassified
Molescroft Carter Drive Unclassified
Molescroft Coltman Close Unclassified
Molescroft Ford Close Unclassified
Molescroft Goodwood Close Unclassified
Molescroft Hambling Drive Unclassified
Molescroft Kempton Close Unclassified
Molescroft Lockwood Drive Unclassified
Molescroft Lockwood Road Unclassified
Molescroft Marchant Close Unclassified
Molescroft Nonabell Drive Unclassified
Molescroft Rigby Close Unclassified
Molescroft Smithall Road Unclassified
Molescroft Warwick Drive Unclassified
Molescroft Whitefield Close Unclassified
Molescroft Wise Close Unclassified
Tickton Main Street Unclassified
Tickton Weel Road Unclassified
Wawne Meaux Lane C14
Ellerker Brough Road Unclassified
Elloughton Main Street C74
Kirk Ella Allenhall Way Unclassified
Kirk Ella Riplingham Road C29
Little Weighton Skidby Road C62
North Newbald Burgate C30
North Newbald Hotham Road C13
North Newbald Hunsley Road C30
Swanland Crowther Way Unclassified
Swanland St Barnabas Drive Unclassified
Swanland The Green Unclassified
Swanland Welton Wold View Unclassified
Swanland Westerdale Unclassified
Walkington Kirk Lane Unclassified
Walkington Little Weighton Road Unclassified
Aldbrough Hornsea Road B1242
Beeford Main Street B1249
Bewholme Billings Lane Unclassified
Bewholme Main Road Unclassified
Bewholme Nunkeeling Road Unclassified
Bewholme Woodnook Road Unclassified
Easington Warmer Lane C26
Hollym Withernsea Road A1033
Hornsea Belgrave Drive Unclassified
Hornsea Belvedere Park Unclassified
Hornsea Cheyne Garth Unclassified
Hornsea Chayne Walk Unclassified
Hornsea Cliff Road C31 & Unclassified
Hornsea College Gardens Unclassified
Hornsea Constable Road Unclassified
Hornsea Ebor Avenue Unclassified
Hornsea Hall Road Unclassified
Hornsea Mount Pleasant Unclassified
Hornsea Pickering Avenue Unclassified
Hornsea Shaftsbury Avenue Unclassified
Hornsea Trinity Road Unclassified
Long Riston Whins Lane Unclassified
North Frodingham Main Street B1249
Patrington Station Road A1033
Paull Main Street C63
Paull Townend Road C63
Preston Saltend Lane Unclassified
Rimswell Waxholme Lane Unclassified
Roos North End B1242
Seaton Back Lane Unclassified
Seaton Breamer Lane Unclassified
Sproatley Main Road B1238
Thorngumbald Hooks Lane C63
Thorngumbald Main Road A1033
Tunstall Southfield Lane C64