Enforcement notices and prosecutions - health and safety

Information on where to view health and safety notices, how long notices remain for on the register and the types of notice that appear on the register.

Where can I view details of health and safety notices served by the council?

We hold a public register of enforcement notices served under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

The public register is currently being updated.

Please email health.safety@eastriding.gov.uk for further information.

How long do notices remain on the register?

Notices will appear on this register for a period of five years. Notices served on individuals under the age of 18 will be removed sooner.

After five years, notices served on companies are removed from the notice database.

We have taken steps to ensure notices withdrawn or subject to appeal are not included. To account for the appeals process and quality assurance, we allow five weeks to elapse after a notice is issued before adding it to this site.

Where we are notified of an appeal outside this time period, the notice will be removed from the register.

What notice types appear on the register?

We normally enforce health and safety standards by giving advice on how to comply with the law. Sometimes we must order people to make improvements by issuing them with a notice, either:

  • an improvement notice which allows time for the recipient to comply or
  • a prohibition notice which prohibits an activity until remedial action has been taken.

We issue notices to companies and individuals for breaches of health and safety law. The notice may involve one or more instances when the recipient has failed to comply with health and safety law - each one of these is called a "breach".


If necessary, we may prosecute recipients for non-compliance with a notice. There are also circumstances when no further action will be taken against non-compliance.

We follow our enforcement policy to decide on the most appropriate action to take.

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