The Hub School and Specialist Services

The Hub School is responsible for the operational delivery and management of high quality and appropriate alternative education provision which includes:

  • Secondary phase pupils [years 7 to 11] full-time permanent education provision educated on site.
  • Key Stage 4 [years 10 and 11] full-time commissioned placements.
  • Short-term education provision for pupils who remain on their home school roll, with the aim of reintegrating back into mainstream school as soon as possible.

Pupils referred for a place at The Hub School may have an EHCP, or may be waiting for an assessment for an EHCP, or may not meet the threshold for an EHCP.

At the Hub School we recognise that each student has their own strengths and talents and we aim to provide a personalised approach to learning wherever possible.

We understand that some young people find aspects of mainstream education challenging and that some barriers to learning cannot be addressed without specialised support.  

We hope to provide the structure and support needed to allow each student to be successful and realise their full potential.

The Hub School aim to provide an alternative approach to mainstream education which caters for individual needs.

Through a broad curriculum, highly skilled staff and child-centred values, we provide a positive learning environment which promotes independence and achievement.

The Hub School will:

  • Support students through a variety of strategies in order to meet their individual needs which allows them to be successful, both now and in the future.
  • Provide a platform for learning so that students can make academic progress which leads to success and achievement.
  • Give young people exciting opportunities and memorable experiences through a varied enrichment program which supports social and emotional wellbeing.


Contact information:

The contact for referrals to all aspects is via the school administration office.

Tel: (01482) 304200

Email: thehubschool.admin@eastriding.gov.uk


Headteacher is Paul Grimes