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KIDS SEND Mediation and Disagreement Resolution Service
KIDS Mediation:
Resolving disagreements for children and young people with SEND
Parents said:

“It (mediation) gave me confidence that we were being listened to and that we will receive support in order to move forward.”

“My daughter came out of the (mediation) meeting and stated that she felt happy that people understood and were nice.”

KIDS Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Mediation helps parents and young people resolve disputes about Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessments and Plans, as well as other SEND related issues.

Disagreements are usually with the local authority (LA) and sometimes with the school or college. Health and Social Services can also be involved.

Parents and young people can use KIDS mediation before making an appeal to the SEND Tribunal. Mediation is very successful and means you may not have to go to Tribunal. And if you are not happy with the outcome of mediation, you can still make an appeal.

KIDS have a big team of specialist SEND mediators who are very experienced and have nationally recognised mediator accreditations.

How does Mediation work?
•    Mediation is quick and informal and there is little paperwork.
•    The mediation meeting takes place somewhere near you and usually within about a month of your request.
•    Your caseworker and your mediator help you prepare for the meeting from start to finish and they will answer any questions and concerns you may have.
•    Mediators are impartial and do not take sides or tell you what to decide.
•    There is just one face-to-face mediation meeting and it takes around 2 to 3 hours with as many breaks as you may need.
•    The mediator manages the meeting and makes sure that everybody's voice is heard and that the focus remains on the needs of the child or young person.
•    The mediator ensures that everybody works together to find solutions that are in the interest of the child or young person.
•    At the end of the meeting the mediator helps put the agreements reached in writing.

The mediation agreement is signed by all present and a copy given to everybody. This forms a Contract between the parties.

0 to 25 year olds and there families
Who this service is for
It is for children and young people with SEND (or who may have SEND) age 0 to 25 and their families.
Cost of service and payment options
Our service is free of charge.
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