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KIDS Independent Supporters
KIDS has been commissioned by the Council for Disabled Children over the last four years to provide Independent Support for parents, children and young people.   The Independent Support programme was always intended to be a time limited resource, supporting the transition from Statements to Educational Health and Care Plans, and will come to an end on 31 July 2018.

KIDS is proud to have been a part of this programme which has enabled our staff to support hundreds of families in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire, and thousands across our 19 Independent Support contracts.
From August 2018 advice and support will continue to be available to families through their local SEND Information, Advice and Support Services (SENDIASS) and also through the national Contact helpline.

Any age
Contact information
Contact numbers:
East Riding SENDIASS: 01482 396469
Young People’s SENDIASS: (16-25 years) KIDS 01482 467540
Contact National Helpline: 0800 808 3555
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