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Primary Behaviour Support Team
Who we are:
The Behaviour Support Team (BST) is part of the Education Inclusion Service.
The Team is made up of Advisory Teachers who have extensive experience of working in schools in a teaching and managerial capacity. Advisory Teachers have specialist knowledge, understanding and training in order to support schools in meeting the needs of pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

What we do:
When a school has concerns about a pupil’s behaviour it is invited to contact a member of the Team who will discuss the concerns and provide some initial advice. If it is felt that further involvement by an Advisory Teacher might be helpful, the school is asked to speak with the pupil’s parent/carer to seek their consent to make a formal request for involvement by an Advisory Teacher.

The first step of involvement involves arranging a visit to the school where the Advisory Teacher meets with the parent/carer, the pupil and the most appropriate member of the school staff. At this meeting a plan is agreed about how best the Advisory Teacher can help. It is usually helpful if the Advisory Teacher has an opportunity to observe the pupil in class and this is always carried out with parental/carer knowledge and agreement.

The Behaviour Support Team always works collaboratively with school staff, parents/carers and the pupil, and a record of all work carried out with the pupil is recorded and feedback is given at the review meeting.
The Behaviour Support Team provides support in a number of ways, including:

•    Telephone support and advice for schools
•    Advising on and providing resources and strategies to support pupils
•    Supporting the school to develop support plans for pupils, eg. Termly Support Plan, Pastoral Support Plan, Individual Behaviour Management Plan etc
•    Supporting the school to complete risk assessment documentation, if appropriate
•    Providing support for staff who are working with pupils whose behaviour is challenging
•    Assessing pupils’ needs using a range of assessment tools, eg. Boxall Profile
•    Attending planning and review meetings
•    Liaising with outside agencies involved with the pupil
•    Delivering bespoke training, eg. Team Teach, Attachment, Nurture Provision
•    Working one to one work with pupils

Primary school aged pupils. Secondary school aged pupils by negotiation
Location and access
The Behaviour Support Team is based at County Hall, Beverley. The day to day support is provided within school settings.

Access to this service
Access to the Behaviour Support Team is through the school.
All local authority maintained primary schools in East Riding have direct access to the Behaviour Support Team.
All primary academies and secondary schools are asked to contact the Behaviour Support Team if they are interested in accessing the support of the Team.

Who this service is for
• All local authority maintained primary schools in East Riding • Primary academies and secondary schools by agreement
How we communicate with children, young people with SEND and their families
All communication is facilitated through school.
Parent and sibling involvement
Parents/carers are invited to attend meetings and reviews and may want to be present if any individual work is carried out with their child. We aim to ensure that parents/carers are an integral part of our involvement with their child.
Registered service and regulatory body
All Advisory Teachers have Qualified Teacher Status
Training acquired to support children and young people with SEND and their families
All Advisory Teachers are trained, experienced teachers with relevant professional qualification.  They undertake continued professional development related to supporting the social, emotional and behavioural needs of pupils in schools.
Opening times
Monday to Thursday: 8.30am - 5pm 
Friday: 8.30am - 4.30pm 
Saturday and Sunday: Closed (answer machine available) 
Cost of service and payment options
For local authority maintained primary schools, the services provided by the Behaviour Support Team are provided through de-delegated budget.

Primary academies and secondary schools purchase the service through a Service Level Agreement or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Contact information
Specialist Services HUB, Springhead Lane, Anlaby Common, Hull, HU5 5YJ

Tel. 01482 394000 Email:
Contacts for comments, compliments and complaints
General information
We ask that comments, compliments and complaints are passed on to the relevant Advisory Teacher in the first instance or discussed with Dr Elizabeth A Holmes, Interim Principal Educational Psychologist.
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