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Early Years Support

We recognise that some babies /children may need some additional support from education, health and care services at certain times in their life.  
Early Years Support aims to facilitate early intervention, information sharing and planning across services for babies/ children under the age of 5 years where support may be needed regarding their learning/development and or physical/medical needs with a named lead professional.
The Early Years Support Team aim to ensure babies /children get the best start in life by offering advice and support at the beginning of their journey.

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Getting help from Early Years Support

You or a professional such as a health visitor can make a request to the Early Years Support team.
A request can be made using the electronic link or by completing a paper copy of the form.

Please refer to the Early Years Support Guidance notes below to help you to fill in a request for Early Years Support:

Early Years Support Guidance Notes (Word 358kb, opens in new window)

Request for Early Years Support (external East Riding website)

A note to professionals: Parents have a wealth of knowledge about their child not only in their home environment but in a variety of other situations. In some cases it is parents who may first voice a concern about their child's learning or development. It is important to take into account the wishes, views and feelings of parents and promote their participation in decision making.

After completing the request for Early Years Support

The Early Years Support team will consider the information you give us in the request and whether there are any further services that may be of help to you now or in the future.
This discussion will usually take place within two weeks of the completed request with all supporting information being received.
The Early Years Support Team may recommend that you and the person who made the request come together to plan the next steps and find out more about Early Years Support. In some instances it may be useful to look at completing an Early Help Family Assessment which would look more in depth into wider family and sibling’s needs.
Following the next steps discussion an Early Years Support family meeting may be arranged as and when needed. This will include parents/carers, lead professional and all services working with and /or who may have been identified to work with the family to support the child.
This will make it easier for the family and professionals to work in partnership and have a shared understanding of the child’s needs.  
The family meeting will provide an opportunity to look at family support, health and education needs which will be discussed and jointly agreed with the family as the next steps of support. This will then be formulated into an Early Years Support family plan and actions are agreed for people at the meeting to undertake within specific timescales.

Next step discussion and family meeting information (word 17kb, opens in new window)

Early Years Support FAQs (word 20kb, opens in new window)

East Riding Early Years Support Process flowchart (word 60kb, opens in new window)

Are you a 'Lead Professional'?

You can find out what is expected of you in your role in the document below:

The role of Lead Professional in Early Years Support (word 128kb, opens in new window) 

Tips for Writing an Early Years Support family plan (word 38kb, opens in a new window)

Fact sheets for lead professionals (word 35kb, opens in a new window)

Inclusion Support templates for East Riding Early Years Education Providers

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