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0 to 25 SEND Team

The 0-25 SEND Team is based at The Hub School and Specialist Services building in Anlaby and includes the Children's Social Work Team (0-25) (previously known as the Children's Disability Team), and three area teams comprising Intensive Family Co-ordinators, Family Co-ordinators, Family Co-ordinators (Portage) and SEND Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) Officers.

The Hub also hosts the Learning and Disabilities team, Designated Continuing Health Care Officer and the Strategic Lead Nurse for complex cases who work with the 0-25 SEND Team.
Children’s Social Care Team is a specialist service with a remit to work with children and young people with a severe disability and complex needs and their families. These children often require an integrated approach across Health, Education and Social Care and may require long term support from the specialist Social Work Team throughout their childhood and into adulthood.
Intensive Family Co-ordinators, Family Co-ordinators, Family Co-ordinators (Portage) and SEND Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) Officers provide a key worker role to families of children and young people with an Education Health and Care Plan who require support relating to the child’s special educational needs and/or disability. The team may also be able to offer support to families who have a child at SEN support. This support is often provided a long side other partner agencies.
Specific support includes but is not limited to:
•    Being a point of regular and consistent contact for the child/young person and parents/carers.
•    Co-ordinating services and practitioners around the child/young person and family.
•    A graduated and inclusion focused approach 0-25 SEND team will supporting the child/young person and parent/carers to access support from universal & targeted services.
•    Specialist statutory social care assessments.
•    Work with the Learning Disability team (based at the HUB)
•    Work with the Designated Continuing Health Care Officer & Childrens Strategic lead Nurse for complex cases.
•    Works with a host of partner agencies across Children & Young Peoples Services, Health & Education.
•    Care planning alongside the child/young person and parent/carers.
•    Reviewing the child/young person’s needs alongside parent/carers.
•    Co-ordinating and setting up care packages.
•    Setting up & monitoring direct payment packages.
•    Family Co-ordinators (Portage) can/do offer support in relation to EHC processes to families accessing support through Portage.
•    Family Co-ordinators (Portage) provide a home-based educational service for children and their parents/carers.
•    Family Co-ordinator (Portage) in conjunction with Early Years services deliver Portage groups to families accessing Portage.
•    Bespoke support based on the child/young persons assessed needs.
•    Provide information and signposting to other services if necessary.
•    Provide emotional and practical support.
•    Enables and empowers the child/young person and their parents/carers to make decisions about their care.
•    Facilitates multi-agency meetings and attending Team around the Family Meetings, Annual Reviews, Early Help Panel, Children Looked after Reviews and Case Conferences.
•    Information and Advice Officers provide children/young people and their families with information, advice and guidance.
•    Social Workers work with adult services, children/young people and families with regards to supporting transition to adult services.
•    Family Co-ordinators, Intensive Family Coordinators, Social Workers & IAG Officers support child/young people and parents/carers to prepare for adulthood.

0-25 years ( with an SEND)
Opening times
Monday-Friday from 9am until 5pm 
The team have a member of staff available to take and respond to calls from professionals and families. 
Tel: 01482 394000.
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